Deciding on an accountant can be difficult!

Most of us look to a colleague or a friend for a referral, but how do we know that our goals and theirs are the same?

If you were to write YOUR persona, a bucket list of the qualities, characteristics, and services that best fit your accounting and tax preparation needs what would that look like?

For many small to medium sized companies, individuals, and families a good solution has been Accounting Services of Clinton. Our approach to exceeding your expectations is very different than the large firms. We are an accounting and tax firm that isn’t rooted in big CPA-firm bureaucracy. We didn’t spend years trying to climb the corporate ladder to partnership, passing off the small clients to junior associates or paraprofessionals. In fact our firm is based on the exact opposite of this – we entered the field of accounting and tax preparation because we were unhappy with firms that failed to provide the right level of service or just did not seem to care about us as clients.

And don’t forget about the fee’s…

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, why don’t you consider a no-obligation complimentary meeting with us? We’ll ask you a lot of questions, answer each of your questions, and mutually see if we are a good fit for each other.

Here is “Our Story” told through video