About Accounting Services of Clinton

Sherri Molomo – Tax Planning and Management

Accounting changes continuously — all those moving pieces. To me, that’s the challenge and fun of my profession.  My goal is to help individuals and businesses keep what they earn through timely and sound accounting practices.

I got into tax planning and management after a long career in engineering with BASF. Strange segue, you might think, but not really. As an engineer, I had 27 years of experience handling capital projects and internal audits. Believe it or not, regulatory audits and accounting audits are pretty similar. I was the one — ME! — who did much of the legwork on those audits. So here’s a question for you. Who would you rather have preparing and maintaining your critical records: Someone who studied the process? Or someone who was involved in it?

As a plant engineer, I dealt with a lot of capital asset projects, budgeting time and money, as well as figuring out how items were depreciated and how to account for them in business. As I learned more and more about good accounting practices, I got excited by the possibilities of helping others benefit from what I knew.

Then came a great opportunity. After all those years in engineering, I volunteered to help my brother with a tax dilemma. Based on that success, I knew I had found my next career.

My brother and I grew up outside Akron, Ohio where my father was dearly devoted to his skill as a glazier. He and our mother owned and operated several glass shops. Their daily discussions on the pleasures and pressures of small business were part of our youthful fabric.

A few years ago, my brother inherited his own glass business and I found I was able to help him through some of the initial tax hurdles. It was exciting! I was back to my roots in small business and I loved every second of it! I had just completed my master’s in accountancy and was thrilled to be able to help him. Now, following all that learning and variety of experiences, I find myself in conferences with career accountants and tax preparers who aren’t nearly as up-to-date on professional knowledge as they ought to be.

That won’t happen to me; I’ve got too much drive to learn. As the tax manager for Accounting Services of Clinton, I bring knowledge and enthusiasm to all my clients, small businesses and individuals alike.

Welcome to my world. I look forward to helping you succeed.


A Bit More About Sherri


Degrees: Master of Science degree in accountancy, University of Phoenix; Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering, University of Akron.


National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP)

Family Life:  My husband, Sal, and I live in Washington Township in Warren County, N.J. We enjoy spending time with our two adult sons, but most especially spoiling our grandchildren.

Other Off-Duty Joys:  Travel, occasional excursions to Annapolis and Baltimore Inner Harbor, and best of all, books — fantasies, Arthurian legends, sci-fi, and action adventures.



Chris Reardon – Business Consulting

I hear you:  “What the heck does ‘business consulting’ mean in an accounting sense?”

Well, here at ASC, it means that I am the “matchmaker.” If there’s a fit between your business and someone else’s, I’m going to be proactive and bring you two together. Believe me, small business owners are dying for service like that.

I’ve had clients who were laying themselves bare by not having an employer handbook. Others were suffering from lack of professional marketing advice. Some had neglected their employee health benefits. Often, these owners didn’t even recognize their problems, and that’s where I excel.

With 20 years’ experience in the financial sector, I’ve been privileged to work with more than 400 small business and individual clients. I also write a financial column in a Central Jersey consumer publication. Personally, I’ve gained a lot from all those connections. And because of that, my clients have access to a tried-and-true business network that I can
tap to help them avoid harm to their bottom line.

Most small businesses are great at what they do, but some don’t spend time running the business. So here’s my question: Is it more expensive to pay for the help you need, or to make a critical mistake?

When you come to Accounting Services of Clinton, yes, we’re going to have a life-cycle discussion with you. But don’t worry, we aren’t going to marry you off; we’re just going to get your financial needs met. That’s matchmaking you can thrive on.

A Bit More About Chris

What I do when I’m not at work: spend time with my wife and children, financial education studies, and reading.

Favorite music or band: classic rock and roll, especially the Boss.

What profession I would have chosen if not finance: anything to do with American muscle cars. I am the ultimate gear-head!

Most people describe me as: passionate about exceeding the expectation of my clients.